Trademark’s Newest Executive Brings Her Wharton Wisdom to the Table

Soumi Biswas To Oversee Operations and Client Relations at Mixed-Use Properties Throughout US

CoStar|December 5, 2022

Written by: Candace Carlisle

Trademark Property Co.’s newest executive made the move to Texas in the depths of the summer and its triple-digit temperatures, but Soumi Biswas said she found the heat and humidity a welcoming change from her prior address of Green Bay, Wisconsin, and it reminded her of her hometown in Kolkata, India.

Biswas was named director of asset management for the Fort Worth-based mixed-use real estate investment, management and development firm, responsible for overseeing property operations and client relations. In her new role, she will direct the efforts of financial analysts, manage the institutional assets and work on special acquisitions and divestiture projects.

With a background rooted in financial advisory and real estate, the majority of Biswas’ new role at Trademark Property is already in her wheelhouse but the MBA graduate in finance and business analytics from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania is new to the retail part of the business.

“I’ve worked on mixed-use, but pure retail is very new to me and there’s been a steep learning curve,” said Biswas, who describes her role as an owner representative who serves as a bridge between tenants and landlords. “My financial modeling skills are very transferable but understanding the levels of co-tenancy and how this is the lifeline of the entire retail real estate ecosystem is very new to me.”

Biswas isn’t fretting over the learning curve. Instead, she reminds herself of the advice given to her in Wharton’s business school that not only helps shape the perspective she brings to Trademark, but guides her during times of uncertainty, something the economy has a lot of right now.

“If things get better, head in that direction. If things are getting worse, change course,” she said, adding rarely in business — as in life — does everything turn out as planned. “It’s the importance of being…

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