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Enhancing Communities and Enriching Lives

Since 1992

Who We Are

Trademark is a full service real estate firm, rethinking the future of retail and mixed-use spaces.

Our purpose is to be extraordinary stewards, enhance communities and enrich lives.

We start every project by listening to all stakeholders and learning each project’s unique history and context.

Trademark is Transformational

Rethinking the future of retail and mixed-use places, we partner with commercial real estate owners, investors, retailers and communities to reshape the public landscape, set the next trends, and meet the needs of tomorrow’s consumers, residents and workers.

We believe that retail properties must continuously evolve to maintain relevance. To accomplish this, we bring together an outstanding team and forge relationships with the communities in which we work. Since 1992, we have been evolving mixed-use properties into places that offer unique experiences.

We start every project with research, which influences our vision which guides our process. As collaborators and innovators, we are passionate about our work and purposeful in our practice.

Guiding Principles

Build Partnership

Think long-term and cultivate relationships. Demonstrate commitment, embody integrity, and act with respect. Succeed together.

Have Vision

Be aware, embrace change, and thrive through innovation. Actively anticipate the future and take part in shaping it. See beyond.

Engage People

Inspire and connect at an emotional level. Challenge and support one another while growing personally and professionally. Unlock potential.

Make A Difference

Honor our connection to communities and the environment. Recognize our blessings and generously share resources with others. Proceed with purpose.

Create Value

Outthink and outhustle, leading to success and profitability for all stakeholders. Be passionate and insist on high standards in everything we do. Take it personally.



Conscious Place Initiative

Conscious Place is the next generation of experiential development that folds together commerce, community and connection. We strive to create spaces that are inspirational, educational, sustainable and a place of wellness and vitality.

Waterside is Trademark’s first ground-up Conscious Place – a 63-acre mixed-use development and Fort Worth’s premier hybrid community and lifestyle center. Responding to feedback for local, artisan, and historic elements, we commissioned Texas artist, Bob “Daddy-O” Wade, to create public art made from repurposed amusement rides, playground equipment and art from the original site.


Make a Difference Initiative

The Trademark Make a Difference initiative encourages community service at all levels of the company and encourages its employees to get involved with charities that they are passionate about. To support this, Trademark’s employee volunteer program provides paid time to give back to the community.

Employees and properties are committed to making a difference in the communities we serve through volunteerism, Conscious Place initiatives, and partnering with community organizations to raise awareness and money.


Raised for the Make a Difference Foundation


Volunteer Hours Worked

Make a Difference Partners


Sustainability Initiatives

At Trademark, we honor the connection to communities and the environment, recognizing blessings and generously sharing resources with others. Trademark strives to be stewards of sustainability across the portfolio by collaborating with stakeholders at all levels.


We work with industry leading companies to continuously monitor our portfolio’s KPI performance and take deliberate steps to reduce our impact on the environment.


At Trademark Property Company, our corporate culture is one of caring about the communities in which we operate and serve. We consider it our honor and obligation to enhance the customer experience and lifestyle by creating beautiful places for people to gather; curated to honor the way our customers live.


Trademark Property Company’s governance framework is designed to ensure that corporate initiatives are effectively managed, that legal obligations are met and that the culture of personal and corporate integrity is achieved.

ESG Goals

Our People

  • Continue to offer two paid days off for every Trademark employee to volunteer in their community each year.
  • Increase employee volunteer hours each year with a goal of 10,000 hours per year by 2025.
  • Continue to offer monthly engagement initiatives via our Trademark University and Lunch & Learn webinar series to introduce relevant sustainability and portfolio topics to our employees.
  • Continue to offer an annual satisfaction survey to all employees with a goal of 100% participation by employees.
  • We have developed an Employee Engagement Committee who will develop actionable goals to increase employee engagement and satisfaction. By 2021, we will expand this committee to include representatives from our field offices.

Our Portfolio

  • We strive to make the planet a better place for all our stakeholders by responding to climate change and managing our impact to the environment.  Specifically, we will:
  • Improve GHG efficiency by a minimum of 0.5% to 1.0% annually, for a total reduction of at least 5% by 2025.
  • Improve portfolio-wide energy efficiency by a minimum of 0.5% to 1.0% annually, for a total reduction of at least 5% by 2025.
  • Improve portfolio-wide water efficiency by a minimum of 0.5% to 1.0% annually, for a total reduction of at least 5% by 2025.
  • Investigate additional opportunities for renewable energy at select properties by 2025.
  • Investigate IREM certification at additional select properties by 2022.
  • We will endeavor to place resilience at the forefront of our strategy by continuing to offer emergency preparedness programs and guides at 100% of our properties. For properties most directly affected by climate change risk, we will investigate and implement portfolio management metrics to reduce risk from a weather-related standpoint.

Our Stakeholders

  • Increase Conscious Place elements at select properties, with robust offerings such as property Wi-Fi, custom music playlists, curated art offerings, creative seating and customer relaxation areas.
  • Expand Trademark’s Concierge+ program, which takes traditional customer service to a new level with six-star service, unique amenities, and customized experiences throughout our properties. Concierge+ is a personal ambassador, ready to help customers with complimentary services such as hands-free shopping, curbside pick-up and much, much more.
  • Add transparency to our sustainability efforts by delivering an annual sustainability report by 2023.

Our Community

  • Increase employee, community and client engagement in the Trademark Make A Difference Foundation, which raised $80,000 in 2019 for non-profit organizations in our community.
  • Continue to offer engaging, relevant community engagement activities at 100% of our properties.

of portfolio GLA holds a Sustainable Building certification


of waste recycled


total energy consumption saved

8,068Metric tons

of CO2 saved through energy efficient installations


energy efficient LED lights installed


water usage conserved

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