This is Trademark

Enhancing Communities and Enriching Lives

Since 1992

Trademark is Transformational

Rethinking the future of retail and mixed-use places, we partner with commercial real estate owners, investors, retailers and communities to reshape the public landscape, set the next trends, and meet the needs of tomorrow’s residents, consumers and workers.

We believe that retail and multifamily properties must continuously evolve to maintain relevance. To accomplish this, we bring together an outstanding team and forge relationships with the communities in which we work. Since 1992, we have been evolving mixed-use properties into places that offer unique experiences.

We start every project with research, which influences our vision and guides our process. As collaborators and innovators, we are passionate about our work and purposeful in our practice.

{Our Purpose} To be extraordinary stewards, enhance communities and enrich lives.

Guiding Principles


Think long-term and cultivate relationships. Demonstrate commitment, embody integrity, and act with respect. Succeed together.


Be aware, embrace change, and thrive through innovation. Actively anticipate the future and take part in shaping it. See beyond.


Inspire and connect at an emotional level. Challenge and support one another while growing personally and professionally. Unlock potential.


Honor our connection to communities and the environment. Recognize our blessings and generously share resources with others. Proceed with purpose.


Outthink and outhustle, leading to success and profitability for all stakeholders. Be passionate and insist on high standards in everything we do. Take it personally.

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