Five with The Gibbonses

Live music brings a unique energy that’s all its own. At many Trademark properties, concert series, jazz nights, and other special events feature live shows from some of the most talented bands and artists across the country. Husband and wife southern soul duo, The Gibbonses, recently kicked off Rice Village’s Summer Sessions on the Morningside Plaza, and cemented their place as one of our favorites. Brandon Gibbons took some time to share how he met his wife, started the band and what a live show is like from the performer’s perspective.

Q: How did you all meet?
A: It all started 6 years ago. We met while working on a Carnival Cruise Ship, playing in a Top 40 cover band.

Q: What made you all decide to leave the cruise ship life behind and start a band?
A: We knew pretty early on that we wanted to make music together after the ship. We planned on moving to a big city and re-creating the type of band we had on ships. We ended up in Seattle, and found it difficult to find five other like-minded musicians that would commit to a project. It was that frustration that pushed us to start performing more and more as a duo, which led us to where we are today!

Q: What inspires your music?
A: We take our inspiration wherever and whenever we can get it! We draw from both personal experiences and the experiences of people close to us in our lives.

Q: Why did you end up in Texas?
A: Shortly after getting married in Seattle in 2014, Jackie’s father suffered a traumatic brain injury, and we moved to Dallas to help with his recovery. We really had no idea what to expect from the music scene in Texas, but were blown away by how supportive the whole Texas music community is. We definitely wouldn’t be where we are today, had we not made that move!

Q: What is unique about the Houston community?
A: We actually get to spend a good amount of time in Houston. I love all of the community events that are popping up and how supportive folks are of live music. Places like Rice Village are so great for friends and family to gather, support local businesses and enjoy live entertainment!

Q: What is your favorite part about playing for a live audience?
A: The authentic human connections that you can make from the stage. It’s really what inspires us to do what we do. For Jackie and me, performing IS the point. Everything else is working toward enhancing our live show.

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