Elevated + Unexpected

Trademark stays ahead of trends and builds customer loyalty by focusing on our guests. Our opportunities to entice and interact with guests are endless as we continuously add to our menu of experiential Programming and Partnership services.


  • Curated Services
  • Unique Amenities
  • Personal Property Ambassadors
  • Elevated Guest Assistance

Customer Experience

  • Curbside Pick Up
  • Valet/VIP Parking
  • Property Programming and Activations
  • “Pop Up” Experiences

The Trademark


Trademark’s proprietary ELEVATE program, a trademark hospitality, takes traditional customer service and residential amenities to a higher level by offering curated services and unique amenities throughout our mixed-used portfolio. A personal property ambassador, ELEVATE can assist guests, residents and office tenants with services including hands-free shopping, restaurant reservations, event planning, grocery deliveries, pet services and so much more. The ELEVATE program is customized to the property’s individual needs.

The Trademark


We understand the importance of providing exemplary customer and residential experiences, especially as retail sales continue to move online. And, just like no two people are the same, neither is our approach to customer and resident experience per property. Not only do we focus on continuously learning from our guests, peers and the market, but we actively implement convenient, trendsetting and fun enhancements including: curbside pick-up, VIP and valet parking, seasonal activations, and luxurious POP-UP experiences. We believe offering unparalleled customer and resident experience assures loyalty and respect among our clientele.

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