Watters Creek Wins 2011 MAXI Gold Award


Kriste Klepper
Marketing Director

Watters Creek at Montgomery Farm in Allen, Texas, won a gold award in the category of business-to-business marketing for centers with 200,000-499,999 square feet of total retail space for its “From Facebook to Storefront”project. The center is managed by Trademark Property Co. and owned by Developers Diversified Realty and Coventry.

In 2008, Watters Creek opened north of Dallas, in the most over-stored metro area nationwide. With fierce competition in an economic downturn, Watters Creek was not meeting occupancy projections. Facing an impromptu meeting with Anthropologie in just two days, leasing asked marketing for help. Marketing eblasted 6,000 customers, directing them to a Facebook poll: “Who wants Anthropologie at Watters Creek?” The poll generated 280 likes and 80 positive comments. Marketing then asked loyal customers to picket and cheer for Anthropologie during the rep’s visit, inking the deal and providing leverage to win new tenants.


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