Waterside hosts “Clean Eating Tour”

Our Trademark marketing team has launched a new initiative to work with Instagram influencers who are brand advocates of the property to promote the tenants to their followers. This started in 2017 with our Perkins Rowe rebrand campaign and will continue throughout 2018. To kick the year off we worked with Alex Snodgrass of The Defined Dish. Alex is an acclaimed blogger and influencer with a passion for Whole 30 and Paleo compliant cooking. With over 60,000 followers, Alex has been helping others bring delicious and health conscious meals to their tables for years. In partnership with Whole Foods and Trademark Property, Alex was able to share her expert meal planning advice with savvy shoppers via our “Clean Eating Tour.”

Guests shopped alongside Alex while she discussed her favorite Whole Foods products and how she uses them in her health-conscious recipes. Following the tour, viewers at home were able to watch live on the Waterside Instagram. This unique approach brought the opportunity for Whole Foods at Waterside to expand their community outreach, as participants traveled from all over the Metroplex to connect and learn. The event was a success not only at promoting the contemporary shopping experience of Whole Foods, but also introducing new guests to Waterside. To quote participant Krista Walker: “I had an absolute blast at the event with Alex. Getting to tour the store and hear all about her favorite Whole 30 picks was great, but the Q&A with Alex at the end was the best.” Participant Sam Prouty had this to add: “My favorite part of the evening was being able to connect with Alex and others who share similar values in a small group setting.”

Together with Trademark Property, Alex Snodgrass is promoting innovative ways to shop, socialize and prepare an array of artisanal meals available through Whole Foods.

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