A vision for growth: Glasses retailer Warby Parker eyeing two more DFW stores

Dallas Business Journal
Written by: Korri Kezar

Since first visiting North Texas in 2013, glasses and sunglasses retailer Warby Parker has been working on a vision for growth in the region.

The New York City-­based company first swung through Dallas­Fort Worth nearly four years ago on a Warby Parker Class Trip, selling frames out of a hollowed ­out school bus. The response was so strong, the company decided to open a permanent store the next year on North Henderson Avenue.

It followed up in 2016 with a location inside NorthPark Center, the first in its 51­store footprint to open inside an enclosed mall.

“Ever since we came through with the class trip, we felt that we resonated with customers,” said Ruthie Ben­Zvi, a member of the company’s communications team.

Now the retailer is eyeing two more stores in the region, planning to open in Plano and Fort Worth by the end of the year. Ben­ Zvi told the Dallas Business Journal how the company sees itself growing in North Texas.

How did you decide where to build your current North Texas stores?

On North Henderson, we felt the mix of retailers coming in was exciting, and we wanted to be part of it. We also felt the site was unique, and our neighborhood is lively. We felt our customers were already going there to live and shop.

Opening at NorthPark was, again, because of the mix of retailers that are here and our customers are already coming here to shop or hang out.

Who is your target customer in Dallas­-Fort Worth?

Our target customers in general are people who are looking for good value and good customer service and a different experience. I think it’s the same in Dallas – it’s someone who’s looking for a good price point and who wants to try on the frames in person.

What are your expansion plans in the region?

Ever since we came through with the class trip, we felt that we resonated with customers, so we are going to go ahead and expand further into the area and open stores in Fort Worth (at WestBend) and in Plano (at Legacy West). We feel like a lot of the customers who come into our North Henderson and NorthPark stores live in the Plano or Fort Worth areas, so we wanted to provide them with more convenient areas to shop with us.

Do you foresee opening additional locations?

I think when we open these new stores, we’ll get to know the customers there, and if they’re in additional areas, then we’ll consider expanding to those places. But (Plano and Fort Worth) are our only concrete plans in DFW this year.

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