She’s Bringing a Selfie Studio to Zona Rosa; Why India Wells-Carter Says ‘Do It Scared, But Do It Anyway’


Written by: Austin Barnes and Tommy Felts

A limited-run attraction in the Northland is set to offer India Wells-Carter a snapshot of what startup life could look like longterm.

“This feels safer,” Wells-Carter said, expressing a healthy mix of fear, relief, and confidence about the test run for her new venture:Fresh Factory KC, a selfie experience set to launch May 29 — and thankful for a Zona Rosa-led pop-up program that empowers small business owners to launch brick-and-mortar storefronts within the shopping center and with mitigated risk.

“When you first start out, it’s difficult and often scary to sign a long-term deal when you just haven’t had a chance to prove your concept yet,”  added Natalie Bass, Zona Rosa marketing director. “Will customers come? Will my merchandise or product sell?”

“The pop-up program is for people with an idea, a solid business plan, and it gives a launching pad to try out their concept.”

As one of those entrepreneurs, Wells-Carter won’t have to worry about…


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