Pink Dinosaur: From Clicks to Bricks

Podcast Interview

Natalie Bass, Marketing Director at Zona Rosa recently had a conversation with Elle Steadman, who founded her Pink Dinosaur brand in 2020 during one of the most hostile climates for retail merchandising in recent memory.

They discuss how Elle quickly evolved her e-commerce brand into an omnichannel powerhouse in the Kansas City market, starting with a three month pop-up store in late 2020. 

The pop-up was a huge success – Pink Dinosaur surpassed the previous year’s online sales total in just one month. After the overwhelming support from the Northland’s community, it quickly became evident that Pink Dinosaur needed a permanent home at Zona Rosa. 

While there was initially doubt whether e-commerce brands needed physical footprints in a market, it’s becoming abundantly clear that in order to be a true omni-channel retailer and compete with the best, physical presence in a market not only leads to stronger sales but stronger customer loyalty as well.


Additionally, Elle was recently featured on Kansas City’s KSHB. Click Here to Watch

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