Mural at Galleria Dallas Captures Big Thoughts From Young Artists


Written by: Laura Harris

There is a new mural up at Galleria Dallas. The installation through Big Thought is all in the name of empowering the young people it represents.

“Led by the Artistic Director of the Creative Voices division, Sasha Maya Ada Davis, this mural is one of the artifacts of the youth from this spring’s Artivism experience,” Big Thought CEO Byron Sanders said. “Youth dove into how the pandemic affected them through an analysis of social media. The young people worked with teaching artists to elevate their voice and create this beautiful piece that’s on display at the Dallas Galleria.”

Sanders said the exhibit called “Crown of Creativity” is the reflection of how these young creators are reconnecting with their inner creativity after life-altering experiences as a result of living and learning during COVID-19.

Big Thought is an impact education nonprofit that closes the opportunity gap by equipping all youth in marginalized communities with the skills and tools they need to imagine and create their best lives and a better world.

Crown of Creativity showcases the creative efforts of local children who are…

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