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Expanding our mixed-use capabilities

Industry Leader for 30 Years

Trademark has been an industry leader in rethinking and re-imagining the future of mixed-use places since 1992. Our reputation was built by partnering with commercial real estate owners, investors and communities to reshape the public landscape, set the next trends, and meet the needs of tomorrow’s residents, consumers and workers.

Always Adapting

In response to evolving market conditions, Trademark acknowledged the need to evolve its portfolio and began exploring other commercial asset classes. In 2021, Trademark laid the groundwork for a best-in-class multifamily platform in order to fully realize the value of its mixed-use spaces, with a focus on institutional quality projects.

Making The Pivot

Trademark now leverages its experience developing and operating mixed-use projects into building top-tier multifamily assets with best-in-class rents. Curated merchandising is the anchor in next-generation mixed-use projects that attract residents that will pay top-market rents. And Trademark is uniquely positioned to execute on these sophisticated developments.

Trademark is launching a best-in-class multifamily platform, and I am excited to lead this charge. Our goal is to create risk adjusted returns that are maximized through seasoned judgment and disciplined investment strategy. Trademark will create highly-amenitized multifamily and mixed-use assets in the communities we serve.

Chad A. Colley

Multifamiy Partner, Trademark

Fort Worth, TX


Trademark develops high-end multifamily homes in amenitized, “A” locations in top growth markets. Trademark differentiates itself with its commitment to research, service, resident experience, customization, design, and community.

Above all else, Trademark’s goal is to create vibrant and connected communities with broad residential appeal in an increasingly disconnected world. Trademark cultivates community connections and produces a highly desirable quality-of-life.


Proven quality: from prudent decision-making to next level operations. Trademark’s projects are built for best-in-class rents.


Top-tier real estate with existing public infrastructure to support walkable urban and suburban infill living. Trademark can also design and create environments in highly desirable locations.


Trademark utilizes curated, lifestyle merchandising including services, F&B and entertainment uses as an anchor for the residential community. Trademark’s multifamily homes offer residents an in-demand lifestyle.


Focusing on high growth markets in metro areas with high barrier to entry. Target markets include: Atlanta, Austin, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, Orlando, Phoenix, San Antonio


Projects are driven by real-time data. Data collected and .analyzed by seasoned industry professionals.


Curated programming, activations, and industry-leading residential hospitality programs tailored to the market’s needs. Build resident relationships with a customer service mindset.


Utilizing our proprietary charrette process, in-house design, placemaking, marketing, and branding experts create full integration into mixed use environments.


A 30 year track record of proven value-creation for all stakeholders.


Built-to-suit projects that defy cookie cutter design — project are tailored to the local history and existing community. Trademark has the experience and expertise to build across the asset class: from garden to high-rise project types.,


Above all else, Trademark’s goal is to create vibrant and connected communities with broad residential appeal in an increasingly disconnected world. Trademark cultivates community connections and produces a highly desirable quality-of-life.



• Trademark offers in-house expertise across all disciplines of mixed-use development and operations

• Our vertically-integrated platform gives us more quality control from capital formation to final delivery


• Our platform leverages mixed-use integration with best in class multifamily assets to demand strong rents


• Trademark builds projects to meet the needs of all stakeholders, from investors to residents

• This approach yields projects that are on-time and on-budget with remarkable consistency


• Trademark’s veteran team of project leaders provide best-in-class development, construction, placemaking and operations management

• Chad A. Colley, who leads Trademark’s multifamily division, has been involved with $1.5B of MF development

• This includes $4 B in commercial mixed-use and includes such high-profile clients as the Dallas Cowboys, the Fort Worth Stockyards, State Farm, and JPM Chase

Our Team

Chad Colley

SVP – Multifamily Partner

Weston Graves

VP – Portfolio Development Design & Construction

Philip Welch

VP – Construction & Development

Tom Marshall

Investment & Development Associate

Mike Nunez

Investment Associate

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