Italian Restaurant Concept To Offer From-Scratch Menu

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By: Lisa Brown

FORT WORTH—Marcus Paslay, executive chef and owner of Clay Pigeon, will open his second restaurant, Piattello Italian Kitchen, this fall in the new Waterside development, the 63-acre mixed-use project. Piattello, meaning “plate” in Italian, which also refers to the term “clay pigeon,” is expected to have an approachable, family-friendly vibe.

The restaurant will be a 5,300-square-foot space with a spacious covered patio. The interior will be designed by Mitchell Garman Architects of Dallas. In addition to the full-service restaurant, Piattello also will include a coffee bar concept, which is the first of Waterside’s micro-restaurants to be announced.

Of the lease, Trademark Property CEO Terry Montesi said: “As part of our Conscious Place initiative, Trademark is focusing its leasing efforts at Waterside on concepts that will resonate with the community, support local and regional entrepreneurs and cultivate our vision for a local, artisan community. As one of the top chef-entrepreneurs in Dallas-Fort Worth, Marcus is a perfect fit for that vision and an exciting leasing milestone for the development.”

Waterside is the first ground-up project developed as part of the Conscious Place initiative, a stakeholder-driven development model that aims to ensure that its properties are more than just places of commerce, but also places of community and meaning. In support of this initiative, all aspects of Waterside’s development are being evaluated for the potential to educate, inspire and engage stakeholders, commitment to sustainability, and connection to the local community.

Montesi tells “In response to community feedback, our vision for Waterside is to build a one-of-a-kind food and beverage line up with a commitment to local and regional talent. We believe this is a win-win, adding soul to the development while supporting local businesses.”

Piattello will have a from-scratch seasonal menu, with Paslay’s take on comfortable Italian fare to include pastas as well as pizzas from a wood-burning oven.

“I’m thrilled to open Piattello Italian Kitchen at Waterside and take a new approach to an Italian restaurant because of the development’s unique, river-accessible location,” said Paslay. “Piattello’s from-scratch menu will be focused around authentic dishes including housemade pastas, pizzas and cheeses.”

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