Gucci Opens New “Welcoming and Relaxed” Shopping Experience in Woodlands

Houstonia Magazine|January 30, 2023

Written by: Shelby Stewart

Market Street – The luxury fashion house’s latest store in Houston is its ninth in Texas.

GUCCI’S statewide expansion continues. Until recently, the high-end fashion brand already had eight boutiques in the Lone Star State, plus its flagship Houston location in the Galleria. Now, with the opening of the Gucci store in The Woodlands last week, the count has increased to nine stores.

Friday marked the first day the store was open for business, and the uniqueness of the space is remarkable. Leadership at Gucci said it wanted to take a more abstract approach with the new store to create an environment that invites customers to feel “welcomed and relaxed.” 

Spanning more than 6,500 square feet, the store showcases an expansive (and yes, expensive!) range of leather goods and accessories, including the Blondie line and Cosmogonie collection, which first debuted in May 2022 in Puglia, Italy.

The shop’s interior design is something to marvel at, too. Here, opposite influences collide to create an opulent ambiance. Upon entering the store, guests are greeted with geometric painted wood floors that create 3-D sequences. Vintage-inspired displays contrast with the softness of the fabrics that adorn the interior. Pink iron wall finishes complement pink velvets used for upholstery and fitting rooms. Throughout the store, guests will find awe-inspiring seating, while vintage oriental rugs are layered over each other for a textured effect. 

Some might consider Gucci opening a second store in Houston as long overdue, considering the nearest and only location in the Houston area was the Galleria. Gucci’s customer base has expanded to those in north Houston who want to avoid the trek to the Galleria area. 

The news of the store opening comes after a slew of businesses opening in the town center. The Gucci debut in The Woodlands is followed by Nike and Sixty Vines, which also opened in the area. 

The new store is located at the mixed-use property Market Street in The Woodlands, adjacent to Louis Vuitton and Breitling. 

The Gucci store at Market Street is located at 9595 Six Pines Drive, Suite 607. 

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