Five Questions with Yoga Pod

Colorado-based Yoga Pod recently opened its luxury studio at Victory Park in Dallas, helping students build physical skills and achieve a greater sense of presence in their daily lives. Owner and operator Michelle “Mia” Weaver shares how her love of yoga helped her find balance, change career paths, and develop a yoga experience unlike any other fitness class.

Q: How did your yoga journey begin, and what made you want to open a studio in Victory Park?  

A: My journey with yoga and fitness began over seven years ago after I experienced a significant health scare. I changed my eating habits, joined a gym, and a friend of my convinced me to try “hot yoga.” Initially, I was not a fan of it, but I found that after each class, I felt wonderful from the endorphins and I carried that feeling with me through the day. Of course, I was then hooked and began trying other class offerings as well.

Soon, my yoga journey became a lifestyle which helped me to find balance in my high-stress corporate work. After several years, I decided I needed to make a career change, and the only thing that sounded appealing to me was opening a yoga studio. After a great deal of research and exploration of Dallas neighborhoods, it was clear opening a studio in Victory Park was not only a smart investment, but a beautiful place to operate a business. Our studio has a gorgeous park with fountains and trees in front of it, and it’s an amazingly serene setting in the heart of the hustle and bustle of downtown. Regardless of what may be happening in my day, I’m immediately relaxed and at peace when I’m at or near the studio, and I know others will feel the same.

Q: What is Yoga Pod’s mission and how do you try to implement that?

A: Yoga Pod is all about creating community and connection through Breath, Strength, and Sweat in our yoga practice and day-to-day lives. We work hard to create an open and welcoming environment where each student, teacher, and team member feels part of the Yoga Pod family. We are a proud member of Causely, and with every Facebook and Instagram check-in, a donation is made to the identified “cause” of the month. Victory Park is also all about community, and we have felt a warm welcome from business owners and residences. We couldn’t be happier to be sharing the Yoga Pod LOVE with Big D and Victory Park!

Q: What type of classes will be offered at Yoga Pod?  

A: Yoga Pod has several types of classes including podBASICS, a four-week series designed to introduce key yoga poses and flow to prepare students for any of the other offerings we have. We also offer YIN, which is a wonderfully restorative and meditative class that allows joints to open up and helps reduce stress in the muscles and mind. podFLOW 1 and podFLOW 2 are both traditional Vinyasa classes, with FLOW 1 being a set sequence with seasonal changes, and FLOW 2 is sequenced by the teacher with a core set of postures and weekly variety. We also have podBARRE and podFIT, which are designed to work the core and strengthen muscles while getting your cardio up. Lastly, we offer podHOT, taught at 105 degrees and 60% humidity, where every hot yoga lover will find their place with an amazing sweat and detoxification session!

Our memberships are $109/month for unlimited yoga with members receiving 50% off mat and towel rental and unlimited guest passes. There are no contracts and members can cancel anytime (though we think you’ll stay)! We also offer a free first week and a referral program.

Q: What are some of the benefits of taking classes at your studio?  

A: We offer over 60 classes each week at both peak and off-peak hours, and the variety of class offerings provide something for everyone! Our yoga teachers are all a minimum of 200 hour certified and they each feel passionately about connecting with students to provide the best possible experience. We LOVE beginners and there is NEVER judgement in any of our classes!

Q: What’s something we probably didn’t know about Yoga Pod?

A: We offer a full line of retail/fitness clothing including lululemon, Beyond Yoga, and Manduka! Members get 10% off retail, workshops, and trainings. We also offer discounted pricing for academic students, academic/yoga teachers, seniors 55+, military personnel, and first responders who present a valid ID.

For media inquiries, please contact our press office:

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