Five Questions with Lesli Marshall

Dallas-based artist and curator, Lesli Marshall, recently brought her talents to Victory Park, dreaming up and painting five new murals that bring vibrancy, color and energy to what was once an average parking garage. While these murals aren’t Marshall’s first in Dallas – her work can be found everywhere from street side downtown to the lobby of Facebook’s Fort Worth Data Center – they’re definitely our favorite. (Ok, we might be a little partial.) Marshall talked with us about her work today and how public art is evolving.

Q: Where do you draw inspiration from for your works?

A: I’m inspired by so many things, but I really enjoy the use of color. Turning a corner and seeing a piece that is bright and fun puts a smile on your face. I like to make people feel happy!

Q: How are murals unique from smaller scale work?

A: Murals are pieces of art done on unique surfaces and locations. They can reflect the area or add design and interest in areas that have been overlooked.

Q: How do you think public art impacts a space?

A: Public art is an incredible use of space and supports artists and their environments.

Q: What makes the local art scene in Dallas unique?

A: Dallas is on the move for sure. I grew up in the area. In the last few years, it has been incredible to see the support of arts and Dallas taking a chance on the creative.

Q: In what ways do you see the private sector embracing public art? What do you think is fueling this trend?

A: It is abundant right now. I am constantly creating for corporate and commercial businesses. There is something about the arts that can give a stale corporate environment the “cool factor.” In turn, that business is supporting the arts while creating a unique environment for their clients and employees, which creates a better experience all around. I’ve been curating corporate facilities for quite some time, and to see the change in the culture is huge. I hope to continue to bring color, funk, soul and “the weird” to these places.
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