Five Questions with Classic Pilates

Opened in 2015, Classic Pilates at Victory Park has been a staple for Victory residents along with several of Dallas’ very own professional athletes. Founder and owner Joann Cuccurullo decided to focus on her true passion, wellness through Pilates, after working in real estate management and sales for fifteen years. She discusses her passion for physical fitness and how she helps clients build a stronger body to live life more fully.

Q: How long has your studio been open in Victory Park and how does it set itself apart?

A: The Victory Park studio has been open for almost three years. It is a very small boutique studio, so everyone that comes through the studio starts building relationships quickly and receives very detailed personal attention.

Q: How long have you practiced Pilates and how did you become inspired to start?

A: I have been teaching Pilates for almost eight years. I started as a student and loved it so much that I wanted to share it with others.

Q: What made you want to switch gears from your real estate career to teaching Pilates full time?

A: I left the real estate industry at a time when the condo market was slow. I loved helping people find a home, so I knew I would love helping people feel better in their bodies.

Q: What are your favorite activewear brands?

A: Some of my favorite activewear brands are Alo and Onzie, which are both are very cutting edge and very comfortable. This is crucial, as I wear my workout clothes for six to ten hours a day while teaching classes.

Q: What advice do you have for someone that is a first-timer trying Pilates?

A: The key to anyone trying Pilates for the first time is to not get frustrated. Remember, inventor Joseph Pilates says that after 10 sessions you feel a difference in your body, after 20 sessions you see a difference in your body, and after 30 sessions you have a new body. Persistence pays off.

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