Trademark’s Design Approach

Wholistic. Propietary. Efficient.

In this 1-minute video, see how the innovative Charrette process changes the redevelopment mindset from one perspective to an open, collaborative event. This process involves gathering visionaries and thought leaders from all over the world plus local community stakeholders and interested residents to brainstorm, envision and author the future of a property.

This process helps develop a vested interest and loyalty to the project within the surrounding community. This in turn creates loyalty  – if we listen, then we build it – they will come.

Annapolis Town Center’s redevelopment model has been based on this process, and has already shown promising results for its tenants and the surrounding community. For example, after interviewing the local and surrounding residents, we began planning strategic events to increase foot traffic.

This effort has paid off. During key signature events, Annapolis Town Center’s shops, on average, reported a 30%-95+% increase in sales year over year.

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