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Play Areas – Not Just For Kids

consciousplace-logoOne of the key tenets of the Conscious Place is its community amenities. We believe that great places have reach that extends beyond the products that can be purchased in their stores—they touch visitors emotionally by offering inspirational quotes, whimsical art, relaxing spaces, and opportunities for play. Our vision of play extends far beyond a swing set or a see-saw. By blurring the lines between toys and art, we make beautiful spaces that offer something for everyone, kind of like those kids’ movies with a touch of subtle humor inserted for the parents who have to watch them a dozen times, too.

The good news is that Conscious Places don’t have to resort to hidden innuendos and dark humor to make what’s fun for kids tolerable for adults. Instead, we create spaces that are fun for all ages. To us, benefitting stakeholders means much more than a payoff that can be measured on spreadsheets. It means transforming places into escapes from the ordinary that enrich visitors’ lives and allow them to leave feeling better than when they arrived—regardless of what they purchased or how old they are.

We Don’t Grow Old…
There’s that old cliché, “You don’t stop laughing because you grow old, you grow old because you stop laughing.” We believe that places can make you smile and make you laugh, that basic amenities can make you feel young at heart. Our Conscious Places feature games like bocce ball, chess, and checkers that offer opportunities for any and every visitor to play. Inspired as much by iconic European plazas as by memories of playing board games with grandparents, the outdoor amenities at Conscious Places bring fundamentally human features back to built environments. And while we may not have found the fountain of youth, we have built dancing ‘pop fountains’ at several projects that provide summertime fun for kids and year-round ambience and animation for all visitors. We encourage people to touch and be touched by every feature of our projects.

The Art of Fun
Remember when you were a kid and art museums seemed boring and full of unnecessary rules like “Don’t touch anything”? We love art and think it should be a fun part of the built environment! Our places are full of interactive sculptures that invite you to pose with them, climb on top of them, and touch them all you want. And with the repurposed carnival rides that renowned artist Bob Wade is turning into one-of-a-kind pieces of art at Waterside, the lines between art and play things are blurring more than ever before. Of course, the art that you can’t play with is important, too. Our obsessive attention to detail conspires to create places that are far more than the sum of their parts. When you visit a Conscious Place, the unique atmosphere is evident everywhere you walk. From carefully selected tenants to artisan benches that are as nice to look at as they are to sit on, every contact point is carefully evaluated to benefit all of our stakeholders.

Water You Waiting For?
We are fortunate to have several unique pieces of property situated near the water. From WestBend and Waterside, located along the Trinity River in Fort Worth, to La Palmera, near the Gulf coast, to Watters Creek in Allen, many of our projects invite the natural world into their cores instead of trying to pave over it. Shaded groves, bocce courts, interactive fountains, kayak rentals, duck ponds, and massive aquariums encourage our visitors to recognize the importance of the land they’re standing on in creative ways. Visiting a Conscious Place might start with a visit to the grocery store, but we believe that the retail shopping experience can be so much more than transactions. When you visit, you’ll leave feeling as if you just visited a park or a unique playground, no atter your age. From a business standpoint, people are more likely to be repeat customers if they leave feeling truly good; that is, with a lasting impact that goes beyond the dated idea of ‘retail therapy.’ We believe that great places are the truest expression of our core values, and providing our visitors with opportunities for inspiration, learning and play is an extension of who we are. After all, we can’t have a ping pong table at the office and not give our stakeholders a chance to have fun, too.

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